Avoid Russian cliché or fake news, stand for the truth

Check experts and speakers whether they exploit Russian narratives, and whether they are relevant in commenting on the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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Why is it important?

Fake information is mostly distributed by unreliable speakers. Such speaker is someone who does not hold an expert position in the Russo-Ukrainian war and related topics but is frequently asked by media and journalists for comments. Their statements are often inaccurate and bear signs of Russian disinformation wording.

Russia's disinformation attacks are aimed at creating distrust in democratic media in Europe and the world; They blocked access to the truth, thereby violating the human right to free access to information. International media should have access to accurate, expert-level, and nuanced analysis  from Ukrainian sources to reference when developing content about the Russian war in Ukraine.

We know how important it is to reach highly qualified experts. And how price worthy for the media can be a mistake. That's why we created the speaker checking form and update this data for you daily.

Also, please, see the main Russian cliche, manipulations and disinformation here.


Russian propaganda narratives undermine democratic journalism and journalists’ ethics.


Disinformation blocks access to accurate and reliable information by the general public, thereby violating their right to it.


They used all the classic methods of disinformation: concepts replacement, exaggerating, fabricating facts, emotions and historical memory about WW2.

Using false information leads to the death of Ukrainians
and prolongs the war. False journalism kills.

Why should you be aware of unreliable speakers?

A list of unreliable speakers

Our team collected a huge list of journalists, politicians, and influencers whom we have verified and proven to be deliberately or unconsciously promoting Russian propaganda narratives. Every day we find new candidates to be added to this list and verify them together with our fellow researchers and information front partners.

Do you have a speaker, but unsure if they are reliable? We can help!

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Our methodology

To track unreliable speakers, we’ve carved out a 3-level methodology. It includes search of Russian propaganda narratives across the internet, investigation of the authors’ background, and verification of the information with Ukrainian governmental agencies for the final verdict.


Information Scan

We monitor international media daily for the implementation of such narratives, which appear to be Russian propaganda. These include:

Ukrainians are nationalists, Nazis, fascists.

Ukraine steals weapons.

Russia helped evacuate the population of Kherson, Kharkiv, and Mariupol.

The West is to blame for the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugees have become a burden for Europe.

Ukraine uses people as a human shield. Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian-speaking citizens.

Zelenskyy and Kyiv are to blame for the war. Kyiv has seized power.

The Ukrainian military is shooting at its infrastructure.

The events in Bucha are staged and are not real.

Russia was defending its people, and it had no choice.

Ukrainians are dying because of gang power.

NATO is at war with Russia.



After analyzing the publication, we examine the profiles of journalists, experts, bloggers, and politicians who convey these narratives. There are two stages:

Stage 1

We research the speaker's origin, background, work, and career development. We look closely into their articles, public comments, and social media for the period of war — from 2014 to 2022 until the present day.

Stage 2

We check unreliable speakers on ties with Russia, Russia-affiliated organizations or people, businesses in Russia.



We share our investigation with our partners and check debunking published by analytical centres

They use additional tools, a broad database, and AI to pass a final verdict on whether a speaker is unreliable commenting on the Russo-Ukrainian war and is supported directly or indirectly by Russia.

Our partners

Independent experts and analytics who help us to investigate and check speakers using Russian propaganda narratives in their publications

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If you are unsure whether a speaker is relevant for commenting on the situation in Ukraine or the course of the Russo-Ukrainian war, we can help you. You can fill out the form, and we will investigate your speaker and verify their reliability and relevance.

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