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PR Army is an independent non-profit organization of Ukrainian communication experts sharing the truth about the Russian war against Ukraine with the global community and building a proven image of Ukraine as a democratic and independent European country.

The story behind

The first days of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine showed that the Western media were unprepared for the war conditions and didn’t have Ukrainian experts and voices to listen to.

PR Army was created right there, in the first hours of the invasion, as a community-oriented, self-organized initiative. Top Ukrainian PR and communication specialists and leaders of well-known Ukrainian companies united their efforts for one goal — to share the truth about the war. It was an instant response to the full-scale invasion, supported with the drive to voice Ukrainian opinions in the Western media.

All these months since February 24th 2022, we work in a tight team united by the common idea. As a self-organized community, each of the members brought something precious: contacts, connections, stories, expertise. By putting it all together we could effectively work with Western journalists, opinion makers, governments, institutions, and media. At PR Army, we believe that communication leads to global changes. And by conveying truthful narratives about the war, we facilitate the victory of Ukraine.


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The Best-Ever Team

We, like no one else, understand the value of a team. For months now, side by side, every day we have been engaged in telling the truth, collecting and distributing eyewitness stories, raising important and non-trivial issues in the media. Each of our success is the work of a team.

The Best-Ever Team

Nastya Popandopulos


Global communications specialist, photographer. The author of the "Curly PR" podcast.

Anastasiia Marushevska

Founder and Board Member

Communication strategist, writer and speaker with a focus on promoting Ukrainian context globally. Curator at Projector Institute, coordinator at Ukraїner and PR Army.

Mark Savchuk


Ukrainian PR Army coordinator, an expert in the energy sector, GR specialist, and Head of the Oversight Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Julia Petryk

Founder and Board Member

Head of PR at MacPaw, lecturer at Projector Institute, startup mentor, founder of Tech PR School and author of Product PR online course.

Lina Lugova


Head of Marketing at Epom with a strong will to transform narratives about Ukraine and let the Ukrainian voices be heard.

Liuka Lobarieva


Employer branding and PR enthusiast and a communication transparency fighterin the Ukrainian tech industry.

Alice Korzh

Founder and Board Member

10+ years in Digital Marketing and expertise in Product Marketing Management, Content, and Community Marketing

Maria Guseva

COO and Board Member

Co-founder of the Bezviz music festival, director of the Jazz on the Dnieper festival

Nina Kulchevych

Founder and Board Member

Expert in comms, 8 years of A-level consulting in PR/Reputation Management and marketing transformation strategy

Veronika Vardanian

Board Member

Monitoring coordinator with 10+ year analytical experience. Launched and adjusted multilevel analytics and comprehensive monitoring for both commercial and social projects.

Viktoriya Povarchuk

Media Relations Manager

Global communications specialist, outreach and media relations manager at PR Army

Maksym Sushchuk

Founder and Head of the Organization

Father, copywriting expert, psychoanalysis enthusiast, Urban Space 500 cofounder.

Olivia Milton


CMO at Reply.io. Olivia joined PR Army on the second day of full-scale war to help share the truth about russian invasion and the stories of eyewitnesses with the Western media.

Maksym Yarchevsky


Proud Ukrainian, engineer, manager, IT entrepreneur. Founder of Boxmode website builder, co-founder of Depositphotos.

Anastasia Yarchevska


Product manager with 10+ years of experience in various industries and markets. Product strategist and customers mom. Fan of Kyiv.

Maria Popova


Communication expert with 13 years of experience in PR, journalism and media. Currently on military leave

Veroslava Novosylna


13+ years in Comms, Founder of SLOVA TECH PR agency and Wtech community, Venture partner and PRCA Board Member

Oksana Plakhotniuk

Partnerships and Grants Manager

Expert in the strategic management, grants and comms for non-profit organizations

Romanna Shubina

Head of Content

Communications manager. Transform ideas into meaningful content. Master of Public Relations.

Olena Kozachenko

Journo Request Manager

12+ years in journalism, since 2015 worked as an investigative journalist, fact-checker, volunteer. Winner of the National contests "Honor of the Profession" and "MezhyhiryaFest".

Katya Pavlevych

Communications & Advocacy Manager

Independent PR Specialist with background in tech industry and cultural projects. Currently helps Ukraine-focused businesses and NGOs build systems of communications and get international coverage.

Diana Poladova

PR & GR manager

4 years in Journalism, 7+ years in Communications in bothprivate and public sectors

Oleksii Havryliuk

Chief Copywriter

Copywriting practitioner and expert in the field of culture and politics. Tries to make sense out of words and punctuation marks.

Anna Mishchenko

PR manager

Global communication specialist, experienced journalist and editor. Works with eyewitnesses stories.

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