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An initiative by Ukrainian PR and communication experts and journalists, aimed at helping global media tell the accurate story of this war through the perspectives of Ukrainian experts, authorities, and witnesses.

Who we are

The initiative includes over 300 members, featuring PR leaders from well-known Ukrainian companies. Our goals are to establish a strong Ukrainian presence on the global stage, raise awareness about financial and military needs, combat Russian propaganda, and advocate for the necessity of sanctions and halting business with Russia.


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Words from Journalists

When PBS News Hour sent a team from the US to Ukraine, the fighting around the area of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was at its peak. News Hour not only wanted to report on this for its US audience it wanted to go further by telling the stories of those Ukrainian workers still working at the plant, with the Russian military now in control.

This was a near impossible task. But with the expertise and experience of  PR Army coordinator Liuka,  News Hour was able to tell that story.

She not only identified a worker who wanted to share their story. She also explained our needs as a TV network broadcast to personnel who were living and working in fear. She was also able to convince a worker who was evacuating with his family, to speak with News Hour, after they had left Zaporizhzhia.  News Hour agreed to protect his identity which was arranged by Liuka. Without Liuka's understanding of the needs of TV journalists and her commitment to ensuring the safety of the worker and his family this story would have not been told.

Karl Bostic

Producer PBS News Hour

Words from Journalists

The work of PR Army volunteers has been a great help in finding sources to write articles about what is happening in Ukraine. The network of experts they collaborate with is also very useful. We thank them for their help.

Ana Alonso

author El Independiente

Words from Journalists

The PR Army have been useful to me on a number of occasions, they have a huge address book and also the trust of the people they are in touch with, which can help a lot with getting interviews. They swiftly respond to requests for contacts and also flag up interesting events or stories from time to time.

Gulliver Cragg

France 24

Words from Journalists

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Ukrainian PR army provides an essential service to journalists covering the invasion of Ukraine. Their volunteers have helped my newspaper set up interviews, they regularly send compelling story pitches and have a wealth of valuable contacts that we have been able to leverage and enrich our coverage of the most important story in Europe since the end of the Second World War. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any correspondent based in-country or abroad.

James Franey

Daily Mail

We Cover

War Witnesses and Experts

Collecting contacts and facilitating media interviews

Women at War

Advocacy for women’s rights during the war


Identifying and countering Russian propaganda through PR and technology

War Crimes

Addressing the issue from both legal and victim perspectives

Stop Bloody Trade

An umbrella project advocating for economic sanctions, an oil-gas embargo, and a trade ban with Russia

Food and Energy Crisis

Highlighting the global consequences of the Russian war

Culture and Minorities

Addressing the vital issues of cultural heritage and minority rights during the war

Forcible Deportation

A global campaign aimed at repatriating Ukrainians illegally deported to Russia

Nuclear Threat

Covering topics related to nuclear power plants and potential nuclear terrorism

Ecology and Animal Rights

Discussing less apparent consequences of the war and its impact on animals

we cover

War witnesses & experts

Women at War


War Crimes

Stop Bloody Trade

Food and Energy Crisis

Culture and Minorities

Forced Deportation

Nuclear power plants & the nuclear threat

Ecology and animal rights


For better organization, our work is divided into thematic and functional departments, also known as streams. Each stream has a dedicated team responsible for planning, achieving results, and managing a specific topic or function.

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We also run several projects. These include a separate blog featuring stories of Ukrainians, a mailing list for journalists, a program to assist women who are victims of violence by the occupiers, and a book about the war, among others.

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The Best Team Ever

The Ukrainian PR Army unites 300+ members, including PR and communications specialists, copywriters, journalists, marketing and project managers, brand experts, and more. Collectively, our team has more than 200 years of experience.

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